Has The Legislature Nothing Better to Do Than Conduct Sex Surveys?

The People LLC

At first, I thought it was a joke when I read it: Representative Wesley Bishop has introduced House Bill 326 and Senator J. P. Morell has introduced Senate Bill 31, both identical and both allowing a sexual survey to be taken by students in Orleans Parish.

The People LLC do not joke. They are extremely serious in their defense of Constitutional liberties, and have written about these identical bills. The link to their Facebook site is https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplellc?fref=ts and to their internet site is http://thepeoplellc.weebly.com/.

What’s important about these bills is that they directly violate Act 837 passed one year ago by the previous legislative assembly. Act 837 is one of the strongest student data protection acts passed in the nation, but hardly one year later, the legislature is seeking to undermine it.

Never mind that this act affects only one parish, for it matters not. Such a supposedly-innocuous survey imposed on one parish could then be imposed state-wide, even though frankly it is none of the legislature’s business to conduct sexual surveys.

The fact that the sexual behavior of teenagers in Orleans parish might be, for all we know, out of control, doesn’t mean parents have relinquished their rights.

The truly frightening thing is how far these bills had advanced. The House version will be debated on May 12th, but the Senate version has already passed the Senate by a vote of 27 to 10, and has been sent to the House.

Please consider contacting your representatives to tell them to vote down SB 31 and HB 326. The solution to a potential sexual epidemic does not exist through the prism of infringing upon parents’ rights in violation of the Constitution.


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