Simple and Straightforward: This Is How I Feel.

Recently Diane Ravitch published a link to an article by an incredible woman that expressed exactly the frustrations I and so many of my fellow teachers are feeling. Her name is Marilou Johanek, writing for The Blade, and a link to her entire article is below. I wish I could have expressed those sentiment as succinctly as she did.

“Public schools are buffeted by all sorts of competing agendas that seek to influence policy on charter schools, vouchers, value-added measures, unfunded mandates, high-stakes tests, and Common Core. Who wants a piece of the public school action?

Those who work in local schools are as frustrated as those on the outside, trying to make sense of the upheaval. Educators are exasperated with cyclical attempts at school reform that are hastily embraced and poorly developed.

Administrators are tired of begging for money. Property owners are sick of school levies. Parents are dismayed with eliminated programs, laid-off faculty and staff, and pay-to-play sports.

Students are numb and joyless about learning. They’re guinea pigs for revised expectations, exams, and for-profit education.

Public education is at a crossroads. It needs advocates to sustain it as an indispensable public service. Fortunately, a grass-roots campaign is forming to raise awareness of what’s at stake in public education.”

Read the entire article at


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