Who Needs Common Sense When We Have Common Core?

Common Core was created to address multiple problems: 1) Our ranking compared to other developed nations was slipping, and 2) universities were getting high school graduates unprepared for college and dropping out. In order to fix these problems, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association, with heavy financial support from the Bill Gates Foundation, oversaw the creation of Common Core, a set of standards that all children should reach by a certain age.

Slipping in world rank and graduating ill-equipped seniors are problems. You do NOT fix those problems by creating standards with NO involvement from the people who have to implement those standards. The standards’ authors work for ACT, Achieve, the College Board, and Student Achievement Partners; not a single teacher grades K-12 was invited or included. In fact, the lead English standards writers were David Coleman and Susan Pimentel, who have never taught English at the high school or collegiate level, and who had little experience concerning instruction, curricula, or research.

The Feedback Committee had college professionals and only one high school math teacher. The Validation Committee has two members who have since spoken up in opposition. Sandra Stotsky, who had considerable experience crafting Massachusetts’ highly-successful English standards, has thoroughly detailed her objections to the validation process and the weakness of the English standards. Dr. R. James Milgram testified before committees in both Texas and Indiana that “there is no good reason to adopt Common Core Math standards… They are actually two or more years behind international expectations by eighth grade, and only fall further behind as they talk about grade 8-12.”

I have no problem with improving schools in Louisiana and in the USA; I have problems with select individuals who’ve never set foot inside a public school dictating to K-12 public school educators the skills all students should know. This group has radically altered the content taught and the way it is taught IN ALL GRADES across 45 states, many of which are beginning to regret this relinquishing of sovereign control over education to a faceless laundry list of collegiate expectations. Texas, one of the few states which refused to adopt Common Core, did so partially because Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott said he was pressured to agree to the standards before they were even completed.

This just defies all reasoning and common sense. But who needs common sense when we have Common Core?

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